A Career as a Teaching Assistant


The Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Apprenticeship is about providing valuable support in the classroom to teachers, to help make a difference to learning in schools. Teaching Assistants play a vital role in today’s classrooms, making sure that learners get the most out of their lessons.

Typically working closely alongside qualified teachers, you would carry out such duties as lesson preparation, working with small groups or individual learners, allowing the teacher to concentrate on other activities. Some Teaching Assistants provide and support in specialist subjects or areas, such as music or special needs.


As an Intermediate Apprentice, you’d work under the close supervision of a class teacher. Your duties will vary depending on how the teachers you work with plan their lessons and day-to-day activities. You could find yourself   supervising arts and crafts activities, helping with outings, or reading to the class.

The Advanced Level Apprenticeship adds more responsibility to the role. You could help plan, carry out and evaluate a wide range of learning activities. You will work both alongside the teacher to support classroom activities, and also with individuals or groups of students. It provides a good stepping-stone to a foundation degree or Higher Level Teaching Assistant training.


Who is this qualification suitable for?

Job Roles:

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Classroom Assistant
  • Learning Support Assistant


Advanced Level Apprenticeship

  • Teaching/Classroom/Learning support Assistant
  • Behaviour Support Assistant/Coordinator
  • Pastoral/Welfare Support Assistant
  • Bilingual Support Assistant
  • Team Leader

How long does it take?

Generally a Level 2 Apprenticeship takes 12 months to complete and a Level 3 takes 18 months on average to complete.


How to apply:

You can apply to JACE all year round. No need to wait - get in touch today!


Telephone us on 0345 241 7738             

Email: jace@jace-training.co.uk









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