Are you aged 16 - 24 and keen to enter the world of work?


If you are aged 16-24 and keen to enter the world of work but lack a few of the skills and also experience that employers are looking for, then a Traineeship may be the answer.


A traineeship can last from as little as 6 weeks and up to 6 months. It is an education and training programme designed to unlock your potential, improving your confidence and skills.


Each traineeship programme will be tailored to suit your needs but typically is made up of:

  • Training in work preparation (Job Search, CV Writing, Interview Techniques)
  • High quality work experience in a sector of your choice
  • Study of maths and English (where GCSE at Grade C or Grade 4 (new grading) has not already been achieved - these are skills highly sought-after by employers

If you’ve recently applied for a job or an apprenticeship programme and found that you’re not quite ready, then a traineeship may be ideal for you.


You are able to choose the type of work experience you require helping you towards your career. (e.g. Childcare, Catering, general business or Office Work.)


At JACE, you are supported throughout your training by qualified staff who understand that your aim is to gain employment. However, should you wish to continue your studies, then you also have a further option of joining a Study Programme.


For Employers


For employers, the flexibility of a traineeship can help to secure future recruits for your business.


Employers are not required to pay trainees on work placements but are encouraged by government to provide financial support toward travel and / or meals. Trainees may qualify for additional government financial support. 


How to apply:

You can apply to JACE all year round. No need to wait - get in touch today!


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