Study Programmes


Are you aged 16 - 19 & want to prepare yourself for a bright future?


Study Programmes


If you are aged 16-19 years and want to continue studying outside of a traditional school environment, then a Study Programme may be the answer.


A Study Programme can be seen as a ‘stepping stone’ towards helping to find out what future job may best suit you and prepare you for that onward journey.


The Study Programme is designed around the learner, taking account of individual needs in terms of prior achievements and also future career plans.


Typically, it will be made up of:

  • A substantial or ‘core’ programme of learning
  • Study of maths and English (where GCSE at Grade C or Grade 4 (new grading) has not already been achieved - these are skills highly sought-after by employers
  • Work experience
  • Enrichment activities, to improve skills, knowledge and behaviours that prepare you for the general world of work and support personal progression.

Study Programmes normally last for up to 12 months and can lead to further advancement in your studies (to a higher level than previously attained); to an apprenticeship; or directly into the workplace.


Essentially, the programme is designed to allow a young person time to gain in confidence and maturity before making the next big step toward their future career choice.

How to apply:

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