Jancett Childcare and JACE Training Limited Subcontracting Supply-chain Fees and Charges Policy


The reasons for subcontracting are manifold;


- To build more capacity
- To ensure revenue protection
- To engage with new markets
- To maintain position in training market


The beginning of supply chain market can range from a willingness to proactively share good practice together in working with dependent and independent training providers as a network or consortium. The supply chain manager will be the principle contract holder. We will identify our internal capacity and needs and the gaps will be delivered through the subcontracting arrangement. JACE will deliver the majority of the contract. 

The prime contractor JACE retains full accountability of contract delivery, use of funds, quality and learners.


The Aim of the Policy

Is to ensure the relationship between the subcontractor and JACE leads to improved performance and better outcomes for all learners. 

To encourage a relationship between all parties that extends beyond the actual contract into a relationship that operates into a network of support, joint working and learning from each other.


Support offered

- Guidance on paperwork to be used / shared of paperwork from Prime contractor
- Quality Assurance on the Inspection and audit of the Subcontractors training programmes

- Advice and Guidance

- Managing performance

- Monitoring will include a selection of the following quality assurance audits
- Monthly conference calls or visits
- Examination of monthly claims
- Support visits
- Quality formal visit meeting
- Planning future actions
- Annual assessment audits
- Inspection of contract performance
- Timely completions


Fee structure

Fee structure will range from 12 to 25% and the fee set will be according to the amount of help and support given to the subcontractor. Fees are paid two month in arrears.

Risk Assessment

Subcontractors may be subject to a Risk Assessment


Initial Set up

- Set up of each subcontractor need;
- The length of time trading
- Value of contract
- Track record of supplier
- UKPRN number
- Proof of listing on the Register of Training Providers
- Check on Companies house
- Programmes Planned to be delivered
- If previously delivered SFA provision, record of non-completers, leavers, achievers
- 2 references we can write to
- Delivery address
- Paperwork to be used agreed
- Delivery staff CV’s and certificates
- Policies required – H&S, E Opps, assessment appeals


Policy communication


The Policy will be discussed with all current and future Subcontractors during contract negotiation meetings and reviewed annually each year. Any changes will be notified to subcontractors as part of their regular performance review or via separate correspondence.


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