Mission Statement

The overall mission of this company is to provide and maintain best quality services, training, play, care and education for all users within the childcare and training environments.


Furthermore; we intend to be innovative, remain up to date with knowledge and ensure that inclusion, diversity, individual needs and equality of opportunity are part of our continuous improvement vision.



Our Vision is a simple but strong message:


“To Make A Difference”


This should help us all in our daily activity, whether speaking with colleagues; answering a telephone enquiry; teaching students, or communicating with Employers. This is now our Why and should become the bedrock of JACE, which will further our commercial success



Our three core Values that we will also live by, were chosen as follows:


Understanding: we have awareness/recognise the needs of our stakeholders (government; Employers; students; parents; and colleagues) and operate with fairness in mind.


Innovative: we constantly think of new ways of doing things, whether teaching a class; creating a new curriculum; designing a bespoke course for an employer; or thinking of a new way of dealing with a colleague, to promote a better relationship.


Inspirational: we stimulate those that we come into contact with, encouraging them to achieve their potential.



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